Tried and True Processes that Create Innovative Solutions

Driven by data

We provide maintenance, logistics, and lifecycle analytics solutions that have been implemented worldwide through our work with the United States Navy. Our team of experts understand the complexities and the unique challenges of managing the lifecycle of Naval systems from acquisition to disposal. We provide expertise in the following four areas:

Maintenance & Supportability Analysis

We integrate disparate datasets together to provide rapid analysis that:

  • improves supportability by identifying and fixing data quality problems,
  • reduces delay-time by identifying component parts that are about to fail or are failing,
  • reduces repair time by recommending repair parts that should be available when needed, and
  • improves visibility and awareness of systemic issues by providing custom dashboards to monitor failure data, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of the system.

Maintenance and Support Analysis Infographic

Configuration Data Management

Through configuration management audits, validation, and verification, our Configuration Data Analysts and Specialists work with you to manage, monitor, and maintain the configuration of any system throughout its lifecycle. From initial configuration identification, to configuration control, followed by configuration accounting and auditing, we implement solutions for any product or end item. Preserving the quality and integrity of this data throughout the system lifecycle prevents costly errors and empowers our customers to respond quickly, accurately, and confidently to address issues when they arise.

Configuration Data Management Infographic

Product Lifecycle Management

We develop customized solutions to manage product and system lifecycle data and processes. Our Product Lifecycle Management capabilities allow ATS to provide you an unmatched expertise in multiple areas of a product's lifecycle:

  • Requirements Discovery/Design
  • System Definition and Validation
  • Installation
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Data Migration and Transformation
  • Workflow Engineering of Products and Systems
  • Application Integration
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Training and Support

Product Lifecycle Management Infographic

Integrated Logistics Support

Our ability to bring a comprehensive approach to the integration of numerous logistics streams of any systems engineering effort can improve the support and maintenance of any systems lifecycle. When given access to interdependent data sources, ATS works within the process and knows where to find the “quirks” in the data and how it relates to other data sources. In doing so, we use well known and trusted procedures to ensure we are openly communicating with your technicians and staff in developing a final solution with the least amount of disruption to on-going systems and business activities.

Integrated Logistics Support Infographic

This combination of skills, capabilities, and solutions, combined with our Integrated Shipboard Maintenance Support training program developed for the United States Navy, position our staff to work with any client to customize unique solutions to address the range of complex maintenance issues and integrated logistics support activities.